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Alyssum Utriculatum

Bladder-Podded Alyssum
Class and Order
Tetradynamia Siliculosa
Generic Character
Filamenta quædam introrsum denticulo notata. Silicula emarginata.ALYSSUM utriculatum caule herbaceo erecto, foliis lævibus lanceolatis integerrimis, filiculis inflatis. Linn. Syst. Veget. ed. 14. Murr
ALYSSOIDES fruticosum, leucoji folio viridi. Tourn. inst. 218.

A native of the Levant, and cultivated by Mr. Miller in the year 1739.

Is a hardy and beautiful perennial, flowering from April to June, at which time it begins to form its curiously inflated pods.

130Alyssum Utriculatum
Alyssum Utriculatum
Bladder-Podded Alyssum

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