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Anemone Hortensis

Star Anemone or Broad-Leav'd Garden Anemone
Class and Order
Polyandria Polygynia
Generic Character
Cal. 0. Petala 5-9. Semina plura.ANEMONE hortensis foliis digitalis, feminibus lanatis. Linn. Syst. Vegetab. ed Murr. p. 510. Ait. Hort. Kew. vol. 2. p. 256
ANEMONE Geranii rotundo folio, purpurascens. Bauh. Pin. 173
ANEMONE prima. Dodon. Pempt. 434
ANEMONE latifolia purpurea stellata sive papaveracea. The purple Star-Anemone or Windflower. Park. Parad. p. 204.

We are more and more convinced, that in our eagerness, for novelties, we daily lose plants by far more ornamental than the new ones we introduce; the present, a most charming spring plant, with which the Gardens abounded in the time of Parkinson, is now a great rarity; its blossoms, which are uncommonly brilliant, come forth in April, and, like those of many other plants, appear to advantage only when the sun shines.

It may be propagated either by seeds, or by parting its roots in Autumn, in the former way we may obtain many beautiful varieties.

It prefers a light loamy soil and moderately exposed situation.

123Anemone Hortensis
Anemone Hortensis
Star Anemone or Broad-Leav'd Garden Anemone

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