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Anemone Sylvestris

Snowdrop Anemony
Class and Order
Polyandria Polygynia
Generic Character
Calyx nullus. Petala 6-9. Semina plura.
Specific Character and Synonyms
ANEMONE sylvestris pedunculo nudo, seminibus subrotundis, hirsutis, muticis. Linn. Syst. Vegetab. p. 510
ANEMONE sylvestris alba major. Bauh. Pin. p. 176
The white wild broad-leafed Wind-Flower. Park. Par. 202.

Parkinson very accurately notices the striking characters of this species of Anemone, which are its creeping roots, its large white flowers standing on the tops of the flower-stalks, which sometimes grow two together, but most commonly singly; the leaves on the stalk, he observes, are more finely divided than those of the root, and its seeds are woolly.

Miller describes it as having little beauty, and therefore but seldom planted in gardens; it is true, it does not recommend itself by the gaudiness of its colours, but there is in the flowers, especially before they expand, a simple elegance, somewhat like that of the Snowdrop, and which affords a pleasing contrast to the more shewy flowers of the garden.

It flowers in May, and ripens its seeds in June.

It will grow in almost any soil or situation, is propagated by offsets from the root, which it puts out most plentifully, so as indeed sometimes to be troublesome. Is a native of Germany.

54Anemone Sylvestris
Anemone Sylvestris
Snowdrop Anemony

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