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Buddlea Globosa

Round-Headed Buddlea
Class and Order
Tetrandria Monogynia
Generic Character
Cal. 4-fidus. Cor. 4-fida. Stamina ex incifuris. Caps. 2-fulca, 2-locularis, polysperma
BUDDLEA globosa foliis lanceolatis, capitulis solitariis. Ait. Hort. Kew. p. 150. V. 1
BUDLEJA globosa. Hope in Act. Harlem, V. 20. part. 2. p. 417. t. 11
PALQUIN Feuil. it. 3. p. 51. t. 38.

Mr. Adam Buddle, in honour of whom the present genus has been originally named by Dr. Houston, was an ingenious English Botanist, cotemporary with, and the friend of Petiver; his name is often mentioned in the Synopsis of Mr. Ray and his Hortus Siccus, or dried collection of British plants, preserved in the British Museum, still resorted to in doubtful cases.

The present species not enumerated either by Linnæus or Miller, is a native of Chili, and according to the Hort. Kew. was introduced by Messrs. Kennedy and Lee, in 1774.

It has been customary, in consideration of its native place of growth, to treat it here as a greenhouse plant, for which situation it soon becomes unfit from its magnitude; some have ventured to plant it in the open borders in warm sheltered situations, where it has been found to succeed very well, producing its beautiful yellow blossoms in abundance; care must be taken, however, to guard it carefully from severe frosts, which are apt to destroy it.

It flowers in May and June, and is usually propagated by cuttings or layers.

174Buddlea Globosa
Buddlea Globosa
Round-Headed Buddlea