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Calceolaria pinnata

Pinnated Slipper-wort
Class and Order
Diandria Monogynia
Generic Character
Cor. ringens inflata. Caps. 2-locularis, 2-valvis. Cal. 4-partitus æqualis.
Specific Character and Synonyms
CALCEOLARIA pinnata foliis pinnatis. Lin. Syst. Vegetab. p. 64
CALCEOLARIA foliis scabiosæ vulgaris. Fewill Peruv. 3, t. 12. fig. 7.

There being no English name to this plant, we have adopted that of Slipper-wort, in imitation of Calceolaria, which is derived from Calceolus, a little shoe or slipper.

This species of Calceolaria is one of the many plants introduced into our gardens, since the time of Miller: it is an annual, a native of Peru, and, of course, tender: though by no means a common plant in our gardens, it is as easily raised from seed as any plant whatever. These are to be sown on a gentle hot-bed in the spring; the seedlings, when of a proper size, are to be transplanted into the borders of the flower-garden, where they will flower, ripen, and scatter their seeds; but being a small delicate plant, whose beauties require a close inspection, it appears to most advantage in a tan stove, in which, as it will grow from cuttings, it may be had to flower all the year through, by planting them in succession.

This latter mode of treatment is used by Mr. Hoy, Gardener to his Grace of Northumberland, at Sion-House, where this plant may be seen in great perfection.

41Calceolaria pinnata
Calceolaria pinnata
Pinnated Slipper-wort