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Convolvulus Cneorum

Silvery-Leaved Bind-Weed
Class and Order
Pentandria Monogynia
Generic Character
Cor. campanulata, plicata. Stigmata 2. Caps. 2-locularis loculis dispermis.
Specific Character and Synonyms
CONVOLVULUS Cneorum foliis lanceolatis tomentosis, floribus umbellatis, calycibus hirsutis, caule erecto. Linn. Syst. Veg. 203. Ait. Kew. vol. 1. p. 213
CONVOLVULUS argenteus umbellatus erectus. Tournef. Inst. 84
CONVOLVULUS major erectus creticus argenteus. Moris. Hist. 2. p. 11 s. 1. t. 3. f. 1
CONVOLVULUS saxatilis erectus villosus perennis. Barr. rar. 4. t. 470. Bocc. Mus. 2. p. 79. t. 70
CNEORUM album folio argenteo molli. Bauh. Pin. 463.

The Convolvulus Cneorum is a native of Spain and the Levant, was cultivated in the Botanic Garden at Chelsea in 1739, and flowers from May to September. Ait. Kew.

In size, habit, &c. this species has some affinity to the Convolvulis linearis, figured pl. 289, but differs from it, and other species usually cultivated with us, in the silky appearance of its foliage, which it is not in the artist's power to imitate, and for the beauty of which, more than that of its flowers, it is very generally kept in collections of green-house plants; its blossoms are nearly white and rarely or never productive of seeds in this country, hence it is increased by cuttings.

It is a hardy green-house plant, requiring a dry rather than a moist regimen.

459Convolvulus Cneorum
Convolvulus Cneorum
Silvery-Leaved Bind-Weed

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