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Convolvulus Linearis

Narrow-Leaved Convolvulus
Class and Order
Pentandria Monogynia
Generic Character
Corolla campanulata, plicata. Stigmata 2. Caps. 2-locularis: loculis dispermis.
Specific Character and Synonyms
CONVOLVULUS linearis caulibus erectis fruticosis, foliis linearibus acutis piloso-sericeis, floribus terminalibus umbellato-paniculatis, calycibus pilosis.

The plant here represented has long been cultivated as a greenhouse plant in this country under the name of Convolvulus Cantabrica, but it differs so essentially from that plant, as figured and described by Prof. Jacquin in his Flora Austr. and accords so little with the other species described by Linnæus, that we have been induced to regard it as a perfectly distinct species; in most points it agrees with Convolvulus Cneorum, but differs in having leaves much narrower, more pointed, and less silky.

It strikes most readily from cuttings, is a hardy greenhouse plant, and flowers during most of the Summer, qualities which many of the modern and more shewy greenhouse plants cannot boast.

The precise time of its introduction here, together with its particular place of growth, we have not as yet been able satisfactorily to ascertain.

289Convolvulus Linearis
Convolvulus Linearis
Narrow-Leaved Convolvulus

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