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Convolvulus tricolor

Small Convolvulus or Bindweed
Class and Order
Pentandria Monogynia
Generic Character
Corolla campanulata, plicata. Stigmata 2. Capsula 2-locularis: loculis dispermis.
Specific Character and Synonyms
CONVOLVULUS tricolor foliis lanceolato ovatis glabris, caule declinato, floribus solitariis. Lin. Syst. Vegetab. p. 203. Sp. Pl. p. 225
CONVOLVULUS peregrinus cæruleus, folio oblongo. Bauh. Pin. 295. Flore triplici colore insignito. Moris. hist. 2. p. 17. s. 1. t. 4. f. 4
The Spanish Small Blew Bindeweede. Parkins. Parad. p. 4.

This species has usually been called Convolvulus minor by gardeners, by way of distinguishing it from the Convolvulus purpureus, to which they have given the name of major. It is a very pretty annual; a native of Spain, Portugal, and Sicily, and very commonly cultivated in gardens.

The most usual colours of its blossoms are blue, white, and yellow, whence its name of tricolor; but there is a variety of it with white, and another with striped blossoms.

The whole plant with us is in general hairy, hence it does not well accord with Linnæus's description. It is propagated by seeds, which should be sown on the flower-borders in the spring, where the plants are to remain: they require no other care than to be thinned and weeded.

27Convolvulus tricolor
Convolvulus tricolor
Small Convolvulus or Bindweed

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