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Coreopsis Verticillata

Whorled Coreopsis
Class and Order
Syngenesia Polygamia Frustranea
Generic Character
Receptaculum paleaceum. Pappus bicornis. Calyx erectus, polyphyllus, basi radiis patentibus cinctus
COREOPSIS verticillata foliis decomposito-linearibus. Linn. Syst. Veg. ed. 14. Murr. p. 782
COREOPSIS foliis verticillatis linearibus multifidis. Gronov. Fl. Virgin. p. 131
DELPHINII vel mei foliis planta ad nodos positis caule singulari. Clayt. n. 308.

The Coreopsis verticillata is a hardy, perennial, herbaceous plant, a native of North-America; producing its blossoms, which are uncommonly shewy, from July to October, and is readily propagated by parting its roots in Autumn.

It grows to a great height, and is therefore rather adapted to the shrubbery than the flower-garden.

Clayton remarks, that the petals, though of a yellow colour, are used by the inhabitants to dye cloth red.

156Coreopsis Verticillata
Coreopsis Verticillata
Whorled Coreopsis