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Cotyledon Orbiculata

Round-Leaved Navel-Wort
Class and Order
Decandria Pentagynia
Generic Character
Cal. 5-fidus. Cor. 1-petala. Squamæ nectariferæ 5 ad basin germinis. Caps. 5.
Specific Character and Synonyms
COTYLEDON orbiculata foliis orbiculatis carnosis planis integerrimis, caule fruticoso. Linn. Syst. Veg. ed. 14. Murr. p. 428. Ait. Kew. var. [delta] v. 2. p. 106.
COTYLEDON africanum frutescens incanum orbiculatis foliis. Herm. Lugd. 349. t. 551. Moris. Hist. 3. p. 474. s. 12. t. 7 f. 39.

The Cotyledon orbiculata is one of our oldest succulents, being introduced as long since as 1690, by Mr. Bentick[C]: it still retains a place in most collections, deservedly indeed, for it has every claim to our notice; its appearance is magnificent, the glaucous colour of its foliage highly pleasing, its flowers large and of long duration; it blows freely, grows rapidly, is easily increased by cuttings, and will succeed in a house or window, with the common treatment of an African Geranium.

When suffered to grow, it will become a shrub of considerable size; but this is not necessary for its flowering, as young and small plants are disposed to throw out blossoms, which is not the case with a plant extremely similar to, and often confounded with it, viz. the Crassula Cotyledon, whose foliage indeed scarcely differs from our plant but in being finely dotted.

It is a native of the Cape, and flowers from June or July to September.

In the Hort. Kew. of Mr. Aiton, four varieties are enumerated, differing chiefly in the form of their foliage.

321Cotyledon Orbiculata
Cotyledon Orbiculata
Round-Leaved Navel-Wort