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Draba Aizoides

Sengreen Draba or
Class and Order
Dioecia Algæ
Generic Character
Generic Character.Silicula integra, ovali-oblonga: valvis planiusculis, dissepimento parallelis. Stylus nullus
DRABA aizoides scapo nudo simplici, foliis ensiformibus carinatis ciliatis. Linn. Syst. Vegetab. ed. Murr. p. 372. Ait. Hort. Kew. v. 2. p. 372
SEDUM alpinum hirsutum luteum. Bauh. Pin. 284
LEUCOJUM luteum aizoides montanum. Col. Ecphr. 2. p. 62.

The plant here figured, a native of the German Alps, is one of those whose beauty cannot be shewn in a small detached piece of it; to be admired, it must be seen in a tuft of some considerable size, which it is much disposed to form when growing among rock-work, for which, like many other small Alpine plants, it is well suited; thus elevated above the surface of the ground, the various beauties of this humble race are more distinctly seen, and their curious structure more readily inspected.

This species is the more to be esteemed, as it flowers very early in the spring, in March, and the beginning of April, and continues in blossom about six weeks.

Linnæus originally confounded it with a similar plant, the Draba alpina, a mistake since rectified in his Mantissa Plant. p. 91.

170Draba Aizoides
Draba Aizoides
Sengreen Draba or