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Dracocephalum Denticulatum

Toothed Dragon's-Head
Class and Order
Didynamia Angiospermia
Generic Character
Corollæ faux inflata: labium superius concavum.
Specific Character and Synonyms
DRACOCEPHALUM denticulatum floribus spicatis remotis, foliis obovato-lanceolatis superne denticulatis. Ait. Kew. V. 2. p. 317.

About the year 1786, we received from Philadelphia, seeds of a plant collected at a considerable distance from that city, announced to us as new and rare, and which produced the present species of Dracocephalum: Mr. Watson, Nurseryman at Islington, obtained the same plant from Carolina, about the same period.

It is a hardy perennial, multiplying considerably by its roots, which creep somewhat; it must be planted in a moist soil, and shady situation, for such it affects, and in such only will it thrive.

It flowers in August and September.

It bears a considerable affinity to the Dracocephalum virginianum, to which, though a much rarer plant, it is inferior in point of beauty; it spreads more on the ground, its flowering stems are not altogether so upright, nor so tall, the leaves are broader, and the flowers in the spikes less numerous.

214Dracocephalum Denticulatum
Dracocephalum Denticulatum
Toothed Dragon's-Head

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