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Erodium Incarnatum

Flesh-Coloured Crane's-Bill
Class and Order
Monadelphia Pentagynia
Generic Character
Cal. 5-phyllus. Cor. 5-petala. Nect. Squamulæ 5 cum filamentis alternantes; et glandulæ melliferæ, basi staminum insidentes. Fructus 5-coccus, rostratus; rostra spiralia, introrsum barbata. L'Herit. Geran.
Specific Character and Synonyms
ERODIUM incarnatum pedunculis paucifloris, foliis tripartitis ternatisve trifidis scabris, caule fruticuloso. L'Herit. n. 21. tab. 5. Ait. Kew. v. 2. p. 415
GERANIUM incarnatum pedunculis bifloris, foliis tripartitis trifidis glabris, petalis integris, arillis glabris. Linn. Suppl. Pl
GERANIUM incarnatum foliis incisis quinquelobis punctatis; petiolis longissimis, pedunculis trifloris. Cavanill. diff. 4. p. 223. n. 314. t. 97. f. 3.

In the 80th number of this work we gave a figure of the Pelargonium tricolor, a plant very generally regarded as the most beautiful of the genus; we now present our readers with the representation of an Erodium, which has to boast nearly an equal share of admiration.

This species, as we learn from the Hortus Kewensis, is a native of the Cape, and was introduced by Mr. Masson in the year 1787.

Its usual time of flowering is July and August; in this point it is inferior to the Pelargonium tricolor, which blossoms through the spring as well as summer months.

It produces seeds but sparingly; cuttings of the plant are struck with less difficulty than those of the Pelargonium above mentioned, the same treatment is applicable to both plants, they must be regarded as green-house plants of the more tender kind, which are liable to be destroyed in the winter season by a moist cold atmosphere.

261Erodium Incarnatum
Erodium Incarnatum
Flesh-Coloured Crane's-Bill