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Fuchsia Coccinea

Scarlet Fuchsia
Class and Order
Octandria Monogynia
Generic Character
Calyx 1-phyllus, coloratus, corollifer, maximus. Petala 4, parva, Bacca infera, 4-locularis, polysperma.
Specific Character and Synonyms
FUCHSIA coccinea foliis oppositis ovatis denticulatis; petalis obovatis, obtusis. Hort. Kew
THILCO Feuillée it. 3. p. 64. t. 47.

The present plant is a native of Chili, and was introduced to the royal gardens at Kew, in the year 1788, by Capt. Firth; it takes the name of Fuchsia from Fuchs a German Botanist of great celebrity, author of the Historia Stirpium in folio, published in 1542, containing five hundred and sixteen figures in wood; and which, though mere outlines, express the objects they are intended to represent, infinitely better than many laboured engravings of more modern times.

Every person who can boast a hot-house will be anxious to possess the Fuchsia, as it is not only a plant of peculiar beauty, but produces its rich pendant blossoms through most of the summer; the petals in the centre of the flower are particularly deserving of notice; they somewhat resemble a small roll of the richest purple-coloured ribband.

Though this plant will not succeed well in the winter, nor be easily propagated unless in a stove, it will flower very well during the summer months, in a good greenhouse or hot-bed frame, and though at present from its novelty it bears a high price, yet as it is readily propagated, both by layers, cuttings, and seeds, it will soon be within the purchase of every lover of plants.

97Fuchsia Coccinea
Fuchsia Coccinea
Scarlet Fuchsia