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Fumaria Glauca

Glaucous Fumitory
Class and Order
Diadelphia Hexagynia
Generic Character
Cal. diphyllus. Cor. ringens. Filamenta 2, membranacea, singula Antheris 3
FUMARIA sempervirens siliquis linearibus paniculatis, caule erecto. Linn. Sp. Pl. V. 2. p. 984. Syst. Vegetab. ed. 14. Murr. p. 837. Ait. Hort. Kew. V. 3. p. 2. Bastard Fumitory. Mill. Dict. ed. 6. 4to
FUMARIA siliquosa sempervirens. Corn. Canad. 57. t. 57.

The term sempervirens applied to this plant by Linnæus, originated in the description given of it by Cornutus; (vid. Syn.) the impropriety of calling an annual plant (for such it undoubtedly is with us, and must be in Canada, its native place of growth) an evergreen, has appeared to us too glaring to be continued; we have thought the promotion of the science required a change in the name, and have therefore altered it to that of glauca, as coinciding with the English name of glaucous, given it by Mr. Aiton in his Hortus Kewensis; for to the delicate, pleasing, glaucous hue of its foliage, it owes its beauty, as much as to the lively colours of its blossoms.

It is a hardy annual, coming up spontaneously in the open border where it has once flowered and seeded, and sometimes reaching the height of two feet.

It flowers from June to September.

Mr. Aiton informs us of its having been cultivated by Mr. James Sutherland in the year 1683. Strange! that it should yet be a rarity in our gardens.

179Fumaria Glauca
Fumaria Glauca
Glaucous Fumitory

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