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Geranium Anemonefolium

Anemone-Leav'd Geranium
Class and Order
Monadelphia Decagynia
Generic Character
Cal. 5-phyllus. Cor. 5-petala, regularis. Nect. glandulæ 5 melliferæ basi longiorum filamentorum adnatæ. Fructus 5-coccus, rostratus; rostra simplicia nec spiralia nec barbata. L. Herit. Geran.
Specific Character and Synonyms
GERANIUM anemonefolium foliis palmatis; foliolis pinnatifidis, caule fruticoso. L. Herit. n. 6. t. 36
GERANIUM palmatum. Cavan. Diss. 4. p. 216. t. 84. f. 2.

Before the appearance of the Hortus Kewensis, lævigatum was the term usually applied to this species of Geranium, by Botanists here, and that on account of the smooth and glossy appearance of its leaves; in that work Mr. Aiton adopts the word anemonefolium, by which Mons. L. Heritier had distinguished this species, from an idea that their shape afforded a more expressive character than their smoothness. We regret that the small size of our plate will not admit of our giving representation of those leaves, and of their mode of growth, which so strikingly characterizes the plant and adds so considerably to its beauty.

Mr. Aiton informs us that this species is a native of Madeira, from whence it was introduced here by Mr. Francis Masson in 1778.

It flowers from May to September, is usually and readily raised from seeds, nor is it so tender as many other green-house plants.

206Geranium Anemonefolium
Geranium Anemonefolium
Anemone-Leav'd Geranium

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