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Geranium Lanceolatum

Spear-Leaved Geranium
Class and Order
Monadelphia Decagynia
Generic Character
Monogyna. Stigmata 5. Fructus rostratus 5-coccus.
Specific Character and Synonyms
GERANIUM glaucum calycibus monophyllis, foliis lanceolatis integerrimis glaucis, caule erecto suffruticoso. Linn. Syst. Vegetab. p. 614. Supp. Pl. p. 306.

This elegant and very singular species of Geranium appears to have been first cultivated in this country; its introduction was attended with circumstances rather unusual. Mr. Lee, Nurseryman of the Vineyard, Hammersmith, in looking over some dried specimens in the Possession of Sir Joseph Banks, which he had recently received from the Cape of Good Hope, was struck with the singular appearance of this Geranium, no species having before been seen in this country with spear-shaped leaves; on examining the specimens attentively, he perceived a few ripe seeds in one of them, those he solicited, and obtained; and to his success in making them vegetate, we are indebted for the present species.

The shape of the leaf readily suggested the name of lanceolatum, an epithet by which it has been generally distinguished in this country, and which, from its extreme fitness, we have continued, notwithstanding young Professor Linnæus has given it that of glaucum, though, at the same time, his illustrious father had distinguished another species by the synonymous term of glaucophyllum.

This species rarely ripens its seeds with us, and is therefore to be raised from cuttings, which however are not very free to strike.

It has been usual to keep it in the stove, but we have found by experience, that it succeeds much better in a common green-house, in which it will flower during the whole of the summer. Small young plants of this, as well as most other Geraniums, make the best appearance, and are therefore to be frequently obtained by cuttings.

56Geranium Lanceolatum
Geranium Lanceolatum
Spear-Leaved Geranium

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