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Geranium Radula

Rasp-Leav'd Geranium
Class and Order
Monadelphia Decagynia
Generic Character
Monogyna. Stigmata 5. Fructus rostratus, 5-coccus.
Specific Character and Synonyms
GERANIUM revolutum pedunculis subbifloris, foliis multifidis linearibus scabris ad oras revolutis, caule arboreo. Jacq. ic. 133. collect. 1. p. 84
GERANIUM Radula. Cavanill. Diss. 4. p. 262. t. 101. f. 1.

This is one of the numerous tribe of Geraniums introduced from the Cape since the time of Miller: it takes the name of Radula, which is the Latin term for a rasp or file, from the rough rasp-like surface of the leaves.

There are two varieties of it, a major and a minor, which keep pretty constantly to their characters; and as this species is readily raised from seeds, it affords also many seminal varieties.

As a Botanist, desirous of seeing plants distinct in their characters, we could almost wish it were impossible to raise these foreign Geraniums from seeds; for, without pretending to any extraordinary discernment, we may venture to prophecy, that in a few years, from the multiplication of seminal varieties, springing from seeds casually, or perhaps purposely impregnated with the pollen of different sorts, such a crop will be produced as will baffle all our attempts to reduce to species, or even regular varieties.

Such as are partial to this tribe, will no doubt wish to have this species in their collection; the blossoms are pretty, and the foliage is singular, but it remains but a short time in flower.

95Geranium Radula
Geranium Radula
Rasp-Leav'd Geranium

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