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Gorteria Rigens

Rigid-Leav'd Gorteria
Class and Order
Syngenesia Polygamia Frustranea
Generic Character
Receptaculum nudum. Pappus lanatus. Corollæ radii ligulatæ. Calyx imbricatus, squamis spinosis.
Specific Character and Synonyms
GORTERIA rigens foliis lanceolatis pinnatifidis, caule depresso, scapis unifloris. Lin. Syst. Vegetab. ed. 14. Murr. 783. Sp. Pl. ed. 3. p. 1284
ARCTOTIS ramis decumbentibus, foliis lineari-lanceolatis rigidis, subtus argenteis. Mill. Dict. et Icon. t. 49
ARCTOTHECA foliis rigidis leniter dissectis. Vaill. act. 1728. n. 9.

The Gorteria, of which there are several species, and most of them, like the present, natives of the Cape, has been named in honour of David de Gorter, author of the Flora Zutphanica and Ingrica; the trivial name of rigens is given to this species from the rigidity of its leaves, a term which it is sometimes apt to exchange for the more common botanic name of ringens; an instance of such mistake occurs in the 6th edition of Miller's Gard. Dict.

The greenhouse, to which it properly belongs, can scarcely boast a more shewy plant; its blossoms, when expanded by the heat of the sun, and it is only when the sun shines on them that they are fully expanded, exhibit an unrivalled brilliancy of appearance.

It flowers in June, but rarely brings its seeds to perfection in this country, which is of the less consequence, as the plant is readily enough increased by cuttings.

90Gorteria Rigens
Gorteria Rigens
Rigid-Leav'd Gorteria