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Hermannia Althæifolia

Marsh-Mallow-Leaved Hermannia
Class and Order
Monadelphia Pentagynia
Generic Character
Pentagyna. Caps. 5-locularis. Petala basi semitubulata, obliqua.
Specific Character and Synonyms
HERMANNIA althæifolia foliis ovatis crenatis plicatis tomentosis, calycibus florentibus campanulatis angulatis, stipulis oblongis foliaceis. Ait. Kew. v. 2. p. 411.
HERMANNIA althæifolia foliis ovatis plicatis crenatis tomentosis. Linn. Syst. Vegetab. ed. 14. Murr. p. 610.
HERMANNIA capensis althææ folio. Pet. Gaz. 53. t. 34. f. 2.
KETMIA africana frutescens foliis mollibus et incanis. Comm. hort. 2. p. 151. t. 79.

The Hermannia althæifolia, a native of the Cape, is a plant of much larger growth than the lavendulifolia, rising to the height, if suffered to do so, of three, four, or more feet; its blossoms are proportionably large, and of a deep yellow colour, inclined to orange.

It is a plant of free growth, much disposed to produce flowers during most of the summer months; hence it is kept very generally in collections of greenhouse plants: is propagated readily by cuttings.

Was cultivated by Mr. Miller, in 1728. Ait. Kew.

Our readers will see, that the specific description of Linnæus has been altered in the Hortus Kewensis, and that it now comprizes all the striking features of the plant.

307Hermannia Althæifolia
Hermannia Althæifolia
Marsh-Mallow-Leaved Hermannia

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