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Iris Persica

Persian Iris
Class and Order
Triandria Monogynia
Generic Character
Corolla 6-partita: Petalis alternis, reflexis. Stigmata petaliformia.
Specific Character and Synonyms
IRIS Persica corolla imberbi, petalis interioribus brevissimis patentissimis. Linn. Syst. Vegetab. p. 79. Sp. Pl. p. 59
IRIS bulbosa præcox minus odora Persica variegata. Moris. hist. 2. p. 357
XIPHIUM Persicum. Miller Dict. ed. 6. 4to
The Persian bulbous Flower-de-luce. Parkins. Parad. p. 172.

A native of Persia. Flowers in February and March. Its beauty, early appearance, and fragrant blossoms, make it highly esteemed by all lovers of flowers; like the Hyacinth or Narcissus it will blow within doors in a water-glass, but stronger in a small pot of sand, or sandy loam; a few flowers will scent a whole apartment: it will also blossom in the open air, but requires warmth and shelter; it is propagated by offsets and seeds; the best flowering roots are imported from Holland, they bear forcing well; and hence this plant may be had to flower a full month or six weeks in succession.

Parkinson remarks, that in his time (1629) it was very rare, and seldom bore flowers.

1Iris Persica
Iris Persica
Persian Iris

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