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Iris sibirica

Siberian Iris
Class and Order
Triandria Monogynia
Specific Character and Synonyms
Cor. 6-petala, inæqualis, petalis alternis geniculato-patentibus. Stigmata petaliformia, cucullato-bilabiata. Thunb. Diss. de Iride.
IRIS sibirica imberbis foliis linearibus, scapo subtrifloro tereti, germinibus trigonis. Lin. Syst. Vegetab. p. 91
IRIS pratensis angustifolia, non fœtida altior. Bauh. Pin. 32
IRIS bicolor. Miller's Dict. ed. 6, 4to
The greater blue Flower-de-luce with narrow leaves. Parkins. Parad. p. 185. fig. 2.

This species of Iris is a native of Germany and Siberia, and is distinguished from those usually cultivated in our gardens by the superior height of its stems, and the narrowness of its leaves; from which last character it is often, by mistake, called graminea; but the true graminea is a very different plant.

The Iris sibirica is a hardy perennial, and will thrive in almost any soil or situation; but grows most luxuriantly in a moist one, and flowers in June.

Is propagated most readily, by parting its roots in autumn.

50Iris sibirica
Iris sibirica
Siberian Iris

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