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Iris Versicolor

Particoloured Iris
Class and Order
Triandria Monogynia
Generic Character
Corolla 6-petala, inæqualis, petalis alternis geniculato-patentibus. Stigmata petaliformia, cucullato-bilabiata. Conf. Thunb. Dis. de Iride.
Specific Character and Synonyms
IRIS versicolor imberbis foliis ensiformibus, scapo tereti flexuoso, germinibus subtrigonis. Linn. Syst. Vegetab. ed. 14. Murr. p. 90. Sp. Plant. ed. 3. p. 57
IRIS Americana versicolor stylo crenato. Dill. Elth. 188. 1. 155. f. 188.

A native of Virginia, Maryland, and Pensylvania, has a perennial root, is hardy, and will thrive in almost any soil or situation; may be increased by parting its roots in autumn.

Our plant is the picta of Miller, and the versicolor of Miller is, we believe, the sibirica of Linnæus.

This species has, for the most part, a stalk unusually crooked or elbowed, by which it is particularly distinguished. It flowers in June, as do most of this beautiful tribe.

21Iris Versicolor
Iris Versicolor
Particoloured Iris

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