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Lathyrus Articulatus

Jointed-Podded Lathyrus
Class and Order
Diadelphia Decagynia
Generic Character
Stylus planus, supra villosus, superne latior. Cal. laciniæ superiores 2-breviores.
Specific Character and Synonyms
LATHYRUS articulatus pedunculis subunifloris, cirrhis polyphyllis; foliolis alternis. Linn. Syst. Veg. ed. 14. Murr. p. 662. Ait. Kew. v. 2. p. 41
CLYMENUM hispanicum, flore vario, siliqua articulata. Tourn. Inst. 396
LATHYRUS hispanicus, pedunculis bifloris, cirrhis polyphyllis foliolis alternis. Mill. Dict. ed. 6. 4to.

The seed-vessels are of the first importance in ascertaining the several species of Lathyrus, some being naked, others hairy, some long, others short, some having a smooth and perfectly even surface, others, as in the present instance, assuming an uneven or jointed appearance.

Of this genus we have already figured three annual species, common in flower-gardens, viz. odoratus, tingitanus, and sativus; to these we now add the articulatus, not altogether so frequently met with, but meriting a place on the flower-border, as the lively red and delicate white so conspicuous in its blossoms, causes it to be much admired.

It is a native of Italy, and was cultivated at the Chelsea Garden, in the time of Mr. Rand, anno 1739.

It is a hardy annual, requiring support, and rarely exceeding the height of two feet, flowering in July and August, and is readily raised from seeds, which should be sown in the open border at the beginning of April.

253Lathyrus Articulatus
Lathyrus Articulatus
Jointed-Podded Lathyrus

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