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Lilium Catesbæi

Catesby's Lily
Class and Order
Hexandria Monogynia
Generic Character
Cor. 6-petala campanulata: linea longitudinali nectarifera. Caps. valvulis pilo cancellato connexis.
Specific Character and Synonyms
LILIUM Catesbæi caule unifloro, petalis erectis unguiculatis. Linn. Syst. Nat. ed. 13. Gmel. p. 545
LILIUM Catesbæi foliis sparsis, bipedali, flore unico erecto, corolla campanulata, petalis unguibus angustis longis. Walt. Fl. Carol. p. 123
LILIUM Spectabile foliis sparsis; floribus solitariis erectis; petalorum unguibus angustis, alternis extus utrinque sulcatis, laminis revolutis. Salisb. Ic. Stirp. rar. t. 5.

At the close of the year 1787, Mr. Robert Squibb, sent me from South-Carolina roots of the Lily here figured, many of which have since flowered with various persons in this kingdom.

Catesby in his Natural History of Carolina, gives a figure and short account of it; Walter in his Flora Caroliniana describes it under the name of Lilium Catesbæi; Mr. Salisbury in the first number of his very magnificent work, lately published, presents us with a very highly finished likeness of this lily, accompanied by a most accurate and minute description of it, and judging from some appearances in Catesby's figure, that it was not the Lilium Catesbæi of Walter, names it spectabile; but as we are assured by Mr. Squibb, who assisted his friend Walter in his publication, that it was the lily figured by Catesby, we have continued the name given in honour of that Naturalist.

Of the different Lilies cultivated in this country, this is to be numbered among the least, the whole plant when in bloom being frequently little more than a foot high; in its native soil it is described as growing to the height of two feet; the stalk is terminated by one upright flower, of the form and colour represented on the plate; we have observed it to vary considerably in the breadth of its petals, in their colour, and spots.

It flowers usually in July and August.

This plant may be raised from seeds, or increased by offsets, which, however, are not very plentifully produced, nor is the plant to be made grow in perfection without great care, the roots in particular are to be guarded against frost; the soil and situation may be the same as recommended for the Cyclamen Coum. p. 4. v. 1.

259Lilium Catesbæi
Lilium Catesbæi
Catesby's Lily

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