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Mesembryanthemum Micans

Glittering Fig-Marygold
Class and Order
Icosandria Pentagynia
Generic Character
Cal. 5-fidus. Petala numerosa, linearia. Caps. carnosa, infera, polysperma.
Specific Character and Synonyms
MESEMBRYANTHEMUM micans foliis subcylindricis papulosis distinctis, caule scabro. Linn. Syst. Veg. ed. 14. Murr. p. 470. Ait. Kew. v. 2. p. 190
MESEMBRYANTHEMUM micans flore phœniceo: filamentis atris. Dill. Elth. 292. t. 215. f. 1282
FICOIDES capensis, tereti folio, flore croceo. Pet. gaz. t. 7. f. 9
FICOIDES capensis, folio tereti argenteo, petalis perplurimis aurantiacis. Bradl. Succ. 1. p. 9. t. 8.

The Mesembryanthemum micans, so called from the glittering particles which are conspicuous on its stalks and leaves, is a species which has long been introduced to our gardens (having been cultivated by Prof. Bradley in 1716) for the beauty of its flowers, which in richness of colour are indeed surpassed by few; they are produced in the months of July and August, but do not expand fully, unless the sun shines powerfully on them; nor do they long retain that regular expansion observable in some species, but quickly assume a somewhat ragged appearance; nevertheless, upon the whole, it is one of those species which is highly deserving of culture, by those who are partial to this tribe of plants.

It is a native of the Cape, and readily propagated by cuttings.

Varies with flowers of a paler hue.

448Mesembryanthemum Micans
Mesembryanthemum Micans
Glittering Fig-Marygold

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