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Ornithogalum Aureum

Golden Ornithogalum
Class and Order
Hexandria Monogynia
Generic Character
Cor. 6-petala, erecta, persistens, supra medium patens, Filamenta alterna basi dilatata.
Specific Character and Synonyms
ORNITHOGALUM aureum foliis ovato-lanceolatis, albomargmatis, floribus racemosis confertis, filamentis nectario emarginato infidentibus.

We have bestowed on this plant the name of aureum, from the colour of its blossoms, which are usually of a bright orange or gold colour; in some specimens we have observed them of a paler hue, and consequently less beautiful.

This highly ornamental species is of modern introduction, having been received by Mess. Lee and Kennedy, a few years since from the Cape, of which it is a native.

The root is a whitish bulb, resembling in size and shape that of the Lachenalia tricolor, figured on plate 82 of this work, from whence spring three or four smooth, somewhat fleshy, upright, dark-green leaves, about half an inch wide, and three or four inches long, edged with white, and, if magnified, appearing fringed with very fine hairs or villi; the stalk is naked, from eight to twelve inches high, supporting many flowers, which spring from the alæ of large, hollow, pointed bracteæ, and which opening one after another, keep the plant a considerable time in flower; according to Linnæus's generic character, every other filament should be dilated at the base, in the present species each filament is so, or rather sits as it were on a white glandular nectary, emarginated on the inside, and highly deserving of notice.

In the greenhouse, where this plant has hitherto been kept, its blossoms come forth as early as January and February, and continue for several months; they will long display their beauty, if the stem be cut off and put in a phial of water.

It is propagated by offsets from its bulbs, and has the appearance of being a plant of kindly growth and easy management.

190Ornithogalum Aureum
Ornithogalum Aureum
Golden Ornithogalum

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