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Passerina Grandiflora

Great-Flowered Passerina
Class and Order
Octandria Monogynia
Generic Character
Cal. 0. Cor. 4-fida. Stamina tubo imposita. Sem. 1. corticatum.
Specific Character and Synonyms
PASSERINA grandiflora glaberrima, foliis oblongis acutis concavis extrinsecus rugosis, floribus terminalibus sessilibus solitariis. Linn. Suppl. Pl. p. 226.

The Passerina here figured, distinguished from all the other known species by the largeness of its flowers, is described in the Suppl. Pl. of the younger Linnæus, but not enumerated in the Hortus Kewensis of Mr. Aiton: it is indeed a plant recently introduced to this country from the Cape; we saw it last Summer in great perfection, at Messrs. Lee and Kennedy's, Hammersmith; it forms a small neat shrub, somewhat like the Phylica ericoides, is a hardy greenhouse plant, flowering in May and June, and increased without difficulty from cuttings.

292Passerina Grandiflora
Passerina Grandiflora
Great-Flowered Passerina