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Passiflora Ciliata

Fringed-Leaved Passion-Flower
Class and Order
Gynandria Hexagynia
Generic Character
Cal. 5-phyllus. Petala 5. Stamina germini vicina. Nectarium multi-radiatum. Antrum pedicellatum duplicatum 1-loculare.
Specific Character and Synonyms
PASSIFLORA ciliata foliis trilobis glabris ciliato serratis intermedio longissimo, petiolis eglandulosis. Ait. Kew. v. 3. p. 310.

This Passion-Flower is described in the Hort. Kew. as a new one, under the name of ciliata, introduced by Mrs. Norman, from the West-Indies, in 1783: we saw it during the latter part of the last Summer, with great profusion of flowers, in several collections, more particularly in that of Mr. Vere, Kensington-Gore, from whence our figure and description were taken.

Its stalks are round, perfectly smooth, and run to a very great height; leaves dark green, glossy, perfectly smooth, except on the edges, where they are beset with strong glandular hairs, divided into three large and two small lobes, the middle lobe running out to a considerable length, the footstalks of the leaves are beset with a few hairs thinly scattered, at the base of each leaf is a tendril, and two finely-divided stipulæ, edged also with glandular hairs. The Involucrum is composed of three leaves, dividing into capillary segments, each of which terminates in a viscid globule, fetid when bruised; betwixt the involucrum and the blossom is a short peduncle; the pillar which supports the germen is of a bright purple colour, with spots of a darker hue, the germen is smooth and green; Styles green; Stigmata of a dark green; Filaments six in number; Antheræ pale yellow green, the former dotted with purple; of Radii, there may be said to be four rows, variegated with white and purple, petals ten, externally greenish, internally red, deeper or paler according to circumstances.

The leaves of this plant vary greatly in form, according to the health and luxuriance of the plant; on comparing it with the fœtida, we strongly suspect it to be a variety merely of that species: time will shew.

It is increased by cuttings, or seeds.

288Passiflora Ciliata
Passiflora Ciliata
Fringed-Leaved Passion-Flower

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