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Pelargonium Betulinum

Birch-leav'd Crane's-Bill
Class and Order
Monadelphia Heptagynia
Generic Character
Cal. 5-partitus: lacinia suprema definente in tubulum capillarem nectariferum, secus pedunculum decurrentem. Cor. 5-petala, irregularis. Filamenta 10, inæqualia: quorum 3 (raro 5) castrata. Fructus 5-coccus, rostratus: rostra spiralia, introrsum barbata. L'Herit. Geran
PELARGONIUM betulinum umbellis paucifloris, foliis ovatis inæqualiter serratis lævigatis. L'Herit. n. 84
GERANIUM betulinum calycibus monophyllis, foliis ovatis inæqualiter serratis planis, caule fruticoso. Linn. Sp. Pl. p. 946. Burm. Ger. 38
GERANIUM fruticosum, betulæ folio, africanum. Raii Suppl. 513.

Though long since described, we have been in possession of this species of Crane's-Bill but a few years; it is one of the many new ones introduced by Mr. Masson from the Cape, and at the same time one of the most desirable, as its blossoms which are ornamental, are freely produced during most of the summer, and the plant itself is readily propagated by cuttings.

The flowers vary considerably, both in size, and colour; its foliage is different from that of most others, and, as its name imports, like that of the Birch-Tree.

It requires the same treatment as most other Green-House Plants.

148Pelargonium Betulinum
Pelargonium Betulinum
Birch-leav'd Crane's-Bill

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