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Pelargonium Ceratophyllum

Horn-Leaved Crane's Bill
Class and Order
Monadelphia Heptagynia
Generic Character
Cal. 5-partitus: lacinia suprema definente in tubulum capillarem, nectariferum, secus pendunculum decurrentem. Cor. 5-petala, irregularis. Filam. 10 inæqualia, quorum 3 raro 5 castrata. Fructus 5-coccus, rostratus, rostra spiralia introrsum barbata.
Specific Character and Synonyms
PELARGONIUM ceratophyllum umbellis multifloris, foliis remote pinnatis carnosis teretibus, laciniis canaliculatis obsolete trifidis. L'Herit. Geran. n. 50. t. 13. Ait. Kew. v. 2 p. 422.

Mr. Aiton informs us that this species of Pelargonium, which is one of the more fleshy kinds, is a native of the South-West Coast of Africa, and was introduced to the Royal Garden at Kew by Mr. Anthony Hove in 1786.

It flowers during most of the Summer months, and ripens its seeds, by which it may be increased, as also by cuttings; it is found to be more tender than many others, and more liable to be injured by damps, and hence it will require a treatment more applicable to a dry stove plant.

315Pelargonium Ceratophyllum
Pelargonium Ceratophyllum
Horn-Leaved Crane's Bill

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