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Pelargonium Cordifolium

Heart-Leaved Geranium
Class and Order
Monadelphia Heptagynia
Generic Character
Cal. 5-partitus: lacinia suprema, definente in tubulum capilarem, nectariferum, secus pedunculum decurrentem. Cor. 5-petala, irregularis. Filam. 10 inæqualia: quorum 3. (raro 5) castrata. Fructus 5-coccus, rostratus: rostra spiralia introrsum barbata
PELARGONIUM cordatum umbellis multifloris, foliis cordatis acutis dentatis, petalis inferis linearibus acutis. Ait. Hort. Kew. p. 427
GERANIUM cordifolium. Cavan. Diss. p. 240. t. 117. f. 3.

Our readers are here presented with the figure of another Geranium of modern introduction, not enumerated by Linnæus or Miller, and which in point of beauty, duration of flowering, and facility of culture, is equal to most.

It was introduced to the Royal Garden, at Kew, from the Cape, by Mr. Masson, in 1774.

There are several varieties of it, but the one here figured is the most beautiful.

It strikes readily from cuttings, by which it is usually propagated.

Requires the same treatment as the more common Geraniums, and flowers, from March to July.

165Pelargonium Cordifolium
Pelargonium Cordifolium
Heart-Leaved Geranium

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