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Pelargonium Echinatum

Prickly-Stalked Geranium
Class and Order
Monadelphia Heptagynia
Generic Character
Cal. 5-partitus: lacinia suprema definente in tubulum capillarem nectariferum secus pendunculum decurrentem. Cor. 5 petala irregularis. Filamenta 10, inæqualia, quorum 3 raro 5 castrata. Fructus 5 coccus, rostratus: rostra spiralia, introrsum barbata.
Specific Character and Synonyms
PERLARGONIUM echinatum caule carnoso, stipulis spinescentibus, foliis cordato-subrotundis 3-5 lobis, floribus umbellatis, umbellis subseptemfloris.

This singular and most beautiful species of Pelargonium, recently introduced to this country, this Summer flowered with Mr. Colvill, Nurseryman, in the King's-Road, Chelsea, from one of whose plants our figure and description have been taken.

Stalk green, surface smooth and somewhat glossy, fleshy, beset with spines which bend back and terminate in brownish somewhat weak points; these appear to have been primarily the stipulæ, which become thus fleshy and rigid, and from this circumstance not altogether peculiar to this species, it takes the name of echinatum; the leaves stand on long footstalks, are somewhat heart-shaped, mostly roundish, divided into three or five lobes, veiny, soft, and downy, especially on the under side, which is of a much lighter colour than the upper, the flowering stem proceeds from the summit of the stalk, and is a foot or more in height; as it advances it throws out its branches, or peduncles, ultimately about five in number, each of which has a leaf at its base, similar to the other leaves of the plant, but smaller, and terminates in an umbel of seven or eight flowers; as the umbels blossom in succession, a period of several months usually intervenes betwixt the blowing of the first and the last; when the flower is expanded, the hindmost leaf of the calyx continues upright, the others are reflexed as in other species of this genus, they are all beset with fine long hairs; the three lowermost petals are pure white, with a little gibbosity at the base of each, the two uppermost are marked each with three irregular spots, of a rich purple colour, inclining to carmine, the two lowermost spots narrowest and of the deepest colour; of the stamina there are six filaments which have antheræ, and four of which have none; stigma red, divided into five parts, and a little longer than the fertile filaments.

In its habit this plant resembles somewhat the Pelargonium cordifolium, is a native of the Cape, flowers from May to September, in favourable seasons has produced seeds here, but is more usually increased by cuttings.

Varies with petals of a rich purple colour, in which the spots are similar, though not so conspicuous.

309Pelargonium Echinatum
Pelargonium Echinatum
Prickly-Stalked Geranium

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