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Primula villosa

Mountain Primula
Class and Order
Pentandria Monogynia
Generic Character
Involucrum umbellulæ. Corollæ tubus cylindricus: ore patulo.
Specific Character and Synonyms
PRIMULA villosa foliis obovatis dentatis villosis, scapo brevissimo multifloro
PRIMULA villosa. Jacquin Fl. Austr. app. t. 27.

Mr. Miller, in the Sixth Edition of the Abridgment of his Gardener's Dictionary, mentions only four Primulas, exclusive of the Auricula, the two first of which are named erroneously, and of the two last not a syllable is said either as to their place of growth or culture.

The plant here figured, has been introduced pretty generally into the Nursery-Gardens in the neighboured of London within these few years: Mr. Salisbury informs me, that a variety of this plant with white flowers, brought originally from the Alps of Switzerland, has for many years been cultivated in a garden in Yorkshire.

It is not noticed by Linnæus: Professor Jacquin, in his Flora Austriaca, has figured and described a Primula, which, though not agreeing so minutely as could be wished with the one we have figured, is nevertheless considered by some of the first Botanists in this country as the same species; he gives it the name of villosa, which we adopt, though with us it is so slightly villous as scarcely to deserve that epithet.

It varies in the brilliancy of its colours, flowers in April, and will succeed with the method of culture recommended for the Round-Leaved Cyclamen.

14Primula villosa
Primula villosa
Mountain Primula

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