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Rosa muscosa

Moss Rose
Class and Order
Icosandria Polygynia
Specific Character and Synonyms
Petala 5. Cal. urceolatus, 5-fidus, carnosus, collo coarctatus. Sem. plurima, hispida, calycis interiori lateri affixa.
ROSA muscosa caule petiolisque aculeatis, pedunculis calycibusque pilosissimis. Miller's Dict.

If there be any one genus of plants more universally admired than the others, it is that of the Rose—where is the Poet that has not celebrated it? where the Painter that has not made it an object of his imitative art?In the opinion of Miller, the Moss Rose, or Moss Province, as it is frequently called, is a perfectly distinct species; Linnæus considers it as a variety only of the centifolia: as it is found in our Nurseries in a double state only, and as we are ignorant of what country it is the produce, the decision of this matter must be left to future observation and inquiry.

Though it may not increase so fast by suckers, nor be increased so readily by layers, as the centifolia, there is no difficulty in propagating it either way; the latter mode is usually adopted.

69Rosa muscosa
Rosa muscosa
Moss Rose

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