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Sempervivum Monanthes

Dwarf Houseleek
Class and Order
Dodecandria Dodecagynia
Generic Character
Calyx 12-partitus. Petala 12. Capsulæ 12. polyspermæ.
Specific Character and Synonyms
SEMPERVIVUM monanthes foliis teretibus clavatis confertis, pedunculis nudis subunifloris, nectariis obcordatis. Aiton. Hort. Kew.

It appears from the Hortus Kewensis, the publication of which is daily expected, that the plant here figured was first brought to this country from the Canary Islands, by Mr. Francis Masson, in the year 1777.

It is highly deserving the notice of the Botanist, not only as being by far the least species of the genus, but on account of its Nectaria; these, though not mentioned by Linnæus in his character of the genus, have been described by other authors, particularly Jacquin and Haller; and though not present in most, and but faintly visible in a few species of Sempervivum, in this plant form a principal part of the fructification; they are usually seven in number, but vary from six to eight.

In the specimens we have examined, and which perhaps have been rendered luxuriant by culture, the number of stamina has been from twelve to sixteen; of styles, from six to eight; of flowers on the same stalk, from one to eight.

It flowers during most of the summer months, succeeds very well with the common treatment of a greenhouse plant in the summer, but does best in a dry stove in the winter.

93Sempervivum Monanthes
Sempervivum Monanthes
Dwarf Houseleek

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