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Sempervivum Tortuosum

Gouty Houseleek
Class and Order
Dodecandria Dodecagynia
Generic Character
Cal. 12-partitus. Petala 12. Capsulæ 12 polyspermæ.
Specific Character and Synonyms
SEMPERVIVUM tortuosum foliis obovatis subtus gibbis villosis, nectariis bilobis. Ait. Kew. v. 2. p. 148.

We know of no figure of this plant, the first and only account of which is to be found in the Hort. Kew. of Mr. Aiton; there it is specifically described, and from thence we discover that it was introduced from the Canary Islands, where it is a native, by Mr. Masson, in 1779.

It is a shrubby plant of low growth, producing numerous fleshy leaves growing thickly together, which being evergreen, and making a pretty appearance the year through, render the plant worthy a place in all general collections at least, of greenhouse plants; and though it cannot vie with many of the more shewy high-priced novelties, it is an abiding plant, not subject to casualties, while many of those are here to day and gone to morrow.

It throws up its flowering stems, supporting numerous, starry, stonecrop-like flowers, in July and August, and is most readily propagated by cuttings.

It is one of those species of Houseleek which connect the genera Sedum & Sempervivum.

296Sempervivum Tortuosum
Sempervivum Tortuosum
Gouty Houseleek

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