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Sisyrinchium Gramineum

Grass-Leaved Sisyrinchium
Class and Order
Gynandria Trigynia
Generic Character
Spatha 2-phylla. Petala 6-plana. Caps. 3-locularis infera 3-valvis.
Specific Character and Synonyms
SISYRINCHIUM gramineum caule ancipiti lato, germinibus glabris
SISYRINCHIUM angustifolium foliis lineari-gladiolatis, pedunculis longioribus. Mill. Dict
SISYRINCHIUM cæruleum parvum, gladiato caule, virginianum. Pluk. alm. 348. t. 61. f. 1
BERMUDIANA graminea, flore minore cæruleo. Dill. Elth. 49. t. 41. f. 49
GLADIOLUS cæruleus hexapetalus caule etiam gladiato. Banist. virg. 1926.

In a former Number of this Work, we gave a figure of the large variety of Sisyrinch. Bermud. of Linn. regarding it as a distinct species, and naming it iridioides, conformably to Dillenius's specific description; we regret now that we did not continue to it the name of Bermudiana (it being the true Bermudas plant) and which cannot with propriety be applied to the present species, a native of Virginia, far more diminutive, with flowers much smaller, of a paler blue colour, a much hardier plant also, and of more ready growth; it is indeed a truly hardy perennial, adapted to the open border, in which it will grow readily, and produce abundance of flowering stems in June and July; the flowers expand to the sun, and are followed by numerous seed-vessels which ripen their seeds, by which the plant may be increased, or by parting its roots in the autumn. Its stalk affords an excellent example of the caulis anceps. We readily embrace the opportunity here afforded us of correcting an error in regard to the hardiness of the Sisyrinch. iridioides, which we were led into partly by Miller's account, and partly from observing the plant to survive a mild winter in the open ground; we have since found that it is a tender plant, and to be ranked with those of the greenhouse; an additional proof of its being a distinct species from the one here figured, which has long[1] been cultivated in our gardens.

464Sisyrinchium Gramineum
Sisyrinchium Gramineum
Grass-Leaved Sisyrinchium

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