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Sisyrinchium Irioides

Iris-Leav'd Sisyrinchium
Class and Order
Gynandria Trigynia
Generic Character
Monogyna. Spatha diphylla. Petala 6 plana. Capsula tri-locularis, infera.
Specific Character and Synonyms
SISYRINCHIUM iridioides foliis ensiformibus; petalis oblongo-obcordatis, venosis; germinibus pyriformibus, subhirsutis
SISYRINCHIUM Bermudiana. Lin. Syst. Vegetab. p. 820. var. 2. Spec. Pl. p. 1353
BERMUDIANA iridis folio, radice fibrosa. Dill. Elth. 48. t. 41. f. 48
SISYRINCHIUM Bermudiana foliis gladiolatis amplexicaulibus, pedunculis brevioribus. Miller's Dict. ed. 6. 4to.

On comparing the present plant with the Bermudiana graminea flore minore c[oe]ruleo of Dillenius, both of which I have growing, and now in pots before me, the difference appears so striking, that I am induced with him and Miller to consider them as distinct species; especially as, on a close examination, there appear characters sufficient to justify me in the opinion, which characters are not altered by culture.

It is a native of the Bermudian Islands, and flowers in the open border from May to the end of July; it is not uncommon to keep it in the greenhouse, for which, from its size &c. it is very well adapted; but it is not necessary to treat it tenderly, as it will bear a greater degree of cold than many plants usually considered as hardy.

94Sisyrinchium Irioides
Sisyrinchium Irioides
Iris-Leav'd Sisyrinchium

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