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Zinnia Multiflora

Many-Flowered Zinnia
Class and Order
Syngenesia Polygamia Superflua
Generic Character
Recept. paleaceum. Pappus aristis 2 erectis. Cal. ovato-cylindricus, imbricatus. Flosculi radii 5-10, persistentes, integri
ZINNIA multiflora floribus pedunculatis. Linn. Syst. Veg. ed. 14. Murr. p. 777.

The Zinnia, multiflora, a native of Louisania, is a plant of more modern introduction, but requires the same treatment, and flowers at the same time, as the Tagetes patula, with which, though far inferior in brilliancy of colour, it contributes to decorate the borders of the flower-garden from June to September.

There is a variety of it with yellow flowers, nearly as common in our gardens as the present plant.

Linnæus gave to this genus the name of Zinnia, in honour of Joh. Gottfr. Zinn, the pupil of Haller, and his successor at the University of Gottingen.

The plant we have figured, answers to the name and to the specific description of Linnæus's multiflora; having never seen his pauciflora, we cannot say whether there be any just cause for suspecting them to be varieties of each other.

149Zinnia Multiflora
Zinnia Multiflora
Many-Flowered Zinnia